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Aoi Oribe
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Kanji 織部 麻緒衣
Rōmaji Oribe Aoi
Hair color Brown
Eye color Light brown
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthday August 28, 1990
Voice Actors
Japanese Tomoko Kaneda
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1

Aoi Oribe (織部 麻緒衣, Oribe Aoi) is Sana's cousin and her parents own the apartment building that Sana lives in. She prefers to be called Aoi-chan instead of Aoi-san, despite the fact that she is a year older than Sana. She wears glasses and has a busty physique. She loves to read books and is very energetic and clumsy. She has a very high-pitched voice and has a child-like character.


Aoi has short, straight brown hair and light brown eyes. At the start of the series, she didn't wear glasses but as time passed on, it was mandatory for her to do so. She also has a busty body but isn't very complex about it. She is usually seen wearing the regular girls' school uniform. On other occasions, she would be seen wearing a casual outfit.


Aoi has a very carefree and cheerful attitude throughout the series. Although, she can be very clumsy at times and even has to bring an apron with her because she spills her food very easily. Although she is the oldest in the group, she can act very childish at times but despite that, she also has a very mature side. She likes to take things straightforwardly as shown in Nostalgic Place when she insists on making Sana breakfast. She even makes Sana a bento because she felt bad for Sana and felt that it tough living on your own. 


Aoi is the oldest of the original five person group showcased at the start, being one year senior to all the others. She is portrayed as the hyperactive one as well as being clumsy. She has a love for books showcased by the book review she gave in episode one or the fact that she is also doing her third year as the school librarian.

Though she has matured physically matured to the point where Sana has momentary moments of attraction several times, she also has a sense of mentally maturity at the end, when she willingly gives Nanaka and Sana time, because she is the eldest(Read therefore the mentally strongest).

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