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Asami Hoshino
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Kanji 星野 あさみ
Rōmaji Hoshino Asami
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel
Gender Female
Birthday October 28, 1991
Voice Actors
Japanese Mai Nakahara

Asami Hoshino (星野 あさみ, Hoshino Asami) is a friend of Sana's and is in her second year. Asami seems to have a very gentle personality, and even volunteers at an old folk's home; she often asks Sana to come too, who is happy to oblige.

She is also in love with Shuri Wakatsuki and alters her personality so that she would get her to fall for her.


Asami wears her hair in a high ponytail leaving two locks to frame her face. She has brown hair, hazel eyes, and fair skin.

She dresses in a cute, girly fashion when she goes out to hang out with friends. Other than that, she is also seen wearing the usual school uniform.


Asami appears to be a happy, caring girl in the anime who is easy to be friends with. However, she confesses to Sana that her "happy, caring attitude" was all a lie. She is the complete opposite of Shuri, but is able to deceive others of what she really is.

She is able to conjure up the most malicious things and is able to plot scenarios that won't suspect her as the perpetrator.

Even though she hides her true self from everyone, she also bears some good in her. She protects Shuri from an attack when she about to get killed and even went through surgery just so Shuri wouldn't.

The series implies that she is a lesbian, and evidence such as the flashback of her confessing her love to Shuri deems it to be true. It is unknown though why she does love her.

In the end she realizes, through the help from Sana, that she really does love Shuri. But she can't be with her.


Though she acts like a sweet girl in the anime, she undoubtedly causes half the problems. When she is in love with Shuri, she ruins her life by starting the incest scandal. Hoshino is also a massive stone wall in the road leading to Nanaka's and Sana's fixed relationship. Though this may simply be wrong place wrong time, it is clear she is not as sane as everyone makes her out to be.

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