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English Confession
Rōmaji Kokuhaku
Release December 16, 2007
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"Confession" (告白Kokuhaku) is the eleventh episode of the Myself; Yourself series.

Synopsis Edit

Sana visits Asami in the hospital, where Asami reveals that she was the one who sent the anonymous letter claiming that Shuri and Shusuke were in a love hotel. She admits that ever since Shuri rejected her for expressing her feelings towards Shuri, Asami has constantly hated her. When Shuri and Shusuke arrive to visit Asami, she acts normally, although she asks Shuri to converse privately with her. Shuri later runs out of the hospital in tears. The following day, Shuri and Shusuke are absent from school, and Sana realizes that they are running away to avoid being separated. He desperately runs after their train, and reminiscent of Shusuke when Sana left town, Sana yells that they will always be friends, and Shusuke and Shuri erupt in tears.