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Cookies and Pebbles
Cookies and Pebbles
English Cookies and Pebbles
Rōmaji Kukkī to Koishi
Release October 17, 2007
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"Cookies and Pebbles" (クッキーと小石Kukkī to Koishi) is the third episode of the Myself; Yourself series.


In order to repair Sana's and Nanaka's relationship, Shusuke and Shuri decide to go on a trip to a river to which the five used to go in their youth. Beforehand, Sana accidentally breaks Nanaka's mirror, and Nanaka is appreciative when Sana buys her a new one, but forlorn after learning that Sana bought one for Asami as well. After the group goes to the river, they swim at the spa, where Nanaka is embarrassed at her lackluster swimsuit. As Nanaka is going home with Sana and Aoi, she reveals she made cookies for the group, and the three eat them at Aoi's apartment. There, Sana gives Nanaka a pink stone he found near the river as a gift. 



  • Nanaka only owns one swimsuit.
  • In this episode, we see more development in how Nanaka feels about Sana. After she found out that Sana bought Asami the same mirror as her, we see her look almost devastated. 
  • When Shuu was talking about a memory he had with his friends when they were younger, he mentioned how stubborn Sana could be when he tries working on something for so long and it never turns out as planned.


"Even though it's not physically there anymore, the memory remains forever."  ~Sana talking about the presents he recieved from his friends

"I just thought you might not be able to catch fish."  ~Aoi oblivious to Shuu's feelings

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