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Do Your Best! Animenger!
English Do Your Best! Animenger!
Rōmaji Ganbare! Animenjā!
Release November 28, 2007
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"Do Your Best! Animenger!" (がんばれ!アニメンジャー!Ganbare! Animenjā!) is the ninth episode of the Myself; Yourself series.

Synopsis Edit

As Nanaka contemplates how to apologize to Sana, she goes into shock after accidentally burning the fish she was cooking, bringing her close to recollecting memories of the fire that consumed her house. She then overhears a discussion between her uncle and her aunt hinting that her uncle was the one who caused the fire. The next day, the group goes to a theme park, where they meet Asami and her cousin. After viewing a tokusatsu show, Nanaka gathers enough courage to talk to Sana. As they ascend in a Ferris wheel, the two reconcile. In another car, Shuri and Shusuke angrily argue over their stepmother, and Asami accidentally catches a glimpse of Shuri's saddened face.