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For Sakura's Sake
English For Sakura's Sake
Rōmaji Sakura no Tame ni
Release December 5, 2007
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"Do Your Best! Animenger!" "Confession"

"For Sakura's Sake" (咲かないSakura no Tame ni) is the tenth episode of the Myself; Yourself series.

Synopsis Edit

Shuri and Shusuke travel to the grave of their mother to pay their respects, buying each other presents afterwards to cheer themselves up. When they return to school the next day, an anonymous letter claims that Shuri and Shusuke spent the night in a love hotel. Although the school refuses to pursue this, Shuri and Shusuke's father angrily beats Shusuke for this. Shuri, Asami and Sana then go to give a gift to one of the ladies from the retirement home. However, the lady attempts to kill Shuri, and is stopped by Asami, who is stabbed in the process. As a result, Shuri's father plans to send Shuri to London to save his political career, and Shusuke promises to join her so they can be together.