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Hinako Mochida
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Kanji 持田 雛子
Rōmaji Mochida Hinako
Hair color Beige
Eye color Gold
Gender Female
Age 10
Birthday August 5, 1997
Voice Actors
Japanese Ayumi Murata
First Appearance
Anime Episode 4

Hinako Mochida (持田 雛子, Mochida Hinako) is ten years old. She fell in love with Shusuke Wakatsuki when he saved her from three bullies who took her bag and would not give it back. She seems to want to learn how to be the girl he will like and asks Sana Hidaka and Aoi Oribe for help.


Since Hinako is only in the fifth grade, she appears much shorter than Sana and the rest of her friends. She has fair light skin, golden eyes, and beige hair that she ties up in two pigtails.

She is usually seen wearing her school attire but is also shown wearing casual clothing that makes her look more like an adult.


Hinako's personality is similar to Aoi's, however being only in the fifth grade, she is more childish.

She is obsessed with wanting to act more like an adult, even though she's only in the fifth grade. At the same time, she develops feelings for Shusuke.

When caught doing "childish" things in front of people, she will usually put the blame on the person next to her.

At the end of the last episode, we see her again looking like an adult. However, her personality doesn't seem to have changed. Even her boob size has still gone small.


In the last anime episode, it is shown that she is the girlfriend of Asami Hoshino's cousin, who is five years younger than she is.

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