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I'm An Adult
English I'm An Adult
Rōmaji Otona da yo
Release November 7, 2007
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"The Cherry Tree That Won't Bloom" "Teacher's Caramel"

"I'm An Adult" (オトナだよOtona da yo) is the sixth episode of the Myself; Yourself series.

Plot Edit

After learning that her mother will not be home for her birthday, Hinako moves into Sana's apartment. Hinako's inexpertise in cooking and Sana's shock at her arrival contribute to the hectic situation, but Sana manages to get her comfortably situated into the room. She was not able to sleep without her Yeti giant soft toy and asks Sana to be her Yeti and let her hug him. Sana eventually learns that the day was Hinako's birthday, and the following day, takes her around town with Shusuke. Once they return to Sana's apartment, Nanaka, Aoi, and Syuri have prepared a birthday party for Hinako. After Hinako leaves the party, she thanks Sana for the only birthday party she has ever had with a kiss on the cheek before running home.