The Myself; Yourself light novels are an adaptation of the visual novel, containing 6 chapters. It started serialization in the Japanese bishōjo magazine Dengeki G's Magazine on March 30, 2007 and ran until November 30, 2007.

Each chapter centers on one of the six heroines; chapters one through six are arranged as: Nanaka, Aoi, Shuri, Yuzuki, Hinako, and Asami.

Chapters Edit

1. "Seven children: Nanaka's Story" (七つの子 Nanatsu no Ko?), published March 30, 2007

2. "The Lost Child Aoi-san: Aoi's Story" (まいごのあおいさん Maigo no Aoi-san?), published April 30, 2007

3. "Me and Him, My Friend: Shuri's Story" (私とあいつと、私の仲間 Watashi to Aitsu to, Watashi no Nakama?), published June 30, 2007

4. "Close Encounter: Yuzuki's Story", published August 30, 2007

5. "A Small and Large First Step: Hinako's Story" (小さくて、大きな第一歩 Chiisakute, Ōkina Daiippo?), published September 30, 2007

6. "What Thing Did You Lose?: Asami's Story" (なくした もの は、なんですか? Nakushita Mono wa, Nan desu ka??), published November 30, 2007

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