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Nostalgic Place
English Nostalgic Place
Kanji なつかしい場所
Rōmaji Natsukashii Basho
Release October 3, 2007
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N/A "The Important Melody"

"Nostalgic Place" (なつかしい場所, Natsukashii Basho) is the first episode of the Myself; Yourself series.


Before he leaves the town of Sakuranomori, Sana Hidaka  has a party with his friends, Shusuke Wakatsuki, Nanaka Yatsushiro, Aoi Oribe and Shuri Wakatsuki. They each give him going away presents, with Nanaka playing a half-completed song on her violin. Five years later, Sana returns to Sakuranomori, staying at an apartment owned by Aoi's parents. When he goes to school the next day, he recognizes two of his childhood friends: Shusuke and Shuri. When Nanaka enters the classroom, Sana fails to recognize her. As a result, he is slapped furiously by Nanaka. 

Character AppearancesEdit

At the start of the episode, we see the characters at Sana's farewell party when they were kids. After the timeskip, we see them five years later with Sana back at Sakuranomori where it is revealed that he has come back as a transfer student to the school where all his friends currently attend. We are also introduced to Yuzuki Fujimura, who introduces Sana to the class where he eventually reunites with Shusuke and Shuri. 


"Weren't you the one at the temple yesterday? So you attend this school too? It's a pleasure to meet you. Though this isn't the first time. Since we've met at the temple yesterday."  ~Sana after he reunites with Nanaka

"I've giving this to you. I won this at a throwing game earlier. I don't want it, so I'm giving it to you."  ~Sana giving Nanaka his prize

"While I was squeezing out the white chocolate... I was thinking about Sana-chan moving soon, and how we won't see each other anymore... so I became teary and made a mistake there." ~Aoi giving Sana her farewell present