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Red Memories
English Red Memories
Rōmaji Akai Kioku
Release December 19, 2007
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"Red Memories" (赤い記憶Akai Kioku) is the twelfth episode of the Myself; Yourself series.

Synopsis Edit

Sana, Nanaka and Aoi are depressed because of Shuri and Shusuke leaving, and decide to go to the river to take their minds of it. However, Aoi fakes being ill to allow Sana and Nanaka to be together. After a failed attempt at fishing, Sana takes Nanaka to a cave that he and Shusuke considered their secret hideaway. After it starts to rain outside, the two stay in the cave, where Sana asks Nanaka why she did not send the notes in the mailbox directly to Sana. Nanaka reveals that she was afraid that the Sana she knew and loved was gone. The following morning, as Nanaka walks outside, she recalls what occurred in the fire in her youth and screams in pain.