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Secret Post
English Secret Post
Rōmaji Himitsu no Posuto
Release November 21, 2007
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"Teacher's Caramel" "Do Your Best! Animenger!"

"Secret Post" (秘密のポスト, Himitsu no Posuto) is the eighth episode of the Myself; Yourself series.

Synopsis Edit

The Secret Post episode starts off with Nanaka Yatsushiro giving Sana Hidaka the cold shoulder. Before going to the audiovisual room, the two talk in the library. While Sana tries to attempt to explain his situation, Nanaka continues to shake him off, and attempts to leave without him. In front of the audiovisual room Asami Hoshino stops him, and they make plans to meet up at the senior residential home again. Nanaka leaves looking somewhat jealous.

Later, we see Nanaka and Sana walking home still fighting. Afterwards, Sana goes home and reminisces on the past and who Nanaka used to be. He then remembers about their old secret mailbox in which they would trade more personal messages. Sana looks around the room attempting to find the key that would allow him to open up the secret mailbox. While looking he opens one of his many boxes, that just so happens to contain somewhat inappropriate magazines/anime. Aoi Oribe walks in on him unpacking and misunderstands the situation. Thinking she walked in at the wrong time, she runs away from Sana's apartment. Sana finds the key and goes to visit the mailbox. Upon opening it many letters tumble out. A particularly troubling one with the words "Save Me" were written countless times in red.

Sana interrogates Shusuke Wakatsuki about what happened to Nanaka. He finds out that while he was gone during their 2nd year of middle school, a huge fire was set to her house and both her parents died. When Sana hears this he goes to the park and meets his homeroom teacher Yuzuki Fujimura who recounts to him the reason why she hands out caramels. After processing this he asks Nanaka to meet him at their secret mailbox. He tells her that he found out about what happened and apologizes. She yells at him for not being there when she needed him most and attempts to run away, but Sana keeps her from doing so. He promises her that he will be by her side and that he'll help her through her rough times.

Character Appearances Edit

Sana Hidaka

Yuzuki Fujimura

Aoi Oribe

Shuri Wakatsuki

Shusuke Wakatsuki

Nanaka Yatsushiro

Asami Hoshino