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Shuri Wakatsuki
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Kanji 若月 朱里
Rōmaji Wakatsuki Shūri
Hair color Beige
Eye color Blue
Gender Female
Birthday March 23, 1991
Voice Actors
Japanese Yukari Tamura

Shuri Wakatsuki (若月 朱里, Wakatsuki Shūri) and her twin brother Shusuke were close friends of Sana Hidaka before he moved away.

She is the love interest of Asami Hoshino.


She has a very similar look to her twin brother, Shusuke bearing beige hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. She almost always has a smile on her face.

She is also seen wearing the school uniform throughout the entire series but is also seen wearing other types of clothing.


Shuri has a very cheerful, energetic, and lovable personality. Traits such as those are what lead Asami to fall in love with her. She can sometimes be a bully to her brother.

Shuri is also very active and protective over her friends and especially over her brother. Despite her loving personality, she holds an unwelcomed relationship with her father and her step-mother who she calls a "slut" who just wants her father's money.

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