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Teacher's Caramel
English Teacher's Caramel
Rōmaji Sensei no Kyarameru
Release November 14, 2007
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"Teacher's Caramel" (先生のキャラメルSensei no Kyarameru) is the seventh episode of the Myself; Yourself series.

Synopsis Edit

Due to Sana and Nanaka's work as classroom representatives, their sensei, Yuzuki Fujimura frequently gives them caramels, causing Sana to remember an incident in a youth when a younger Yuzuki gave him a caramel. Meanwhile, Shuri attempts to gather signatures for a project to stop the building of a new town hall over the nature center. The school's administration forbids Shuri to continue. At her home, her father, the one who proposed the construction, angrily berates Shuri, who flees home. At the retirement home, Sana and Asami continue to help there, and fulfill a request by an elder lady to bury a package on a hill. However, Asami trips and Nanaka comes upon Sana and Asami accidentally embracing each other.