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The Cherry Tree That Won't Bloom
English The Cherry Tree That Won't Bloom
Rōmaji Sakanai Sakura
Release October 31, 2007
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"The Cherry Tree That Won't Bloom" (咲かない桜Sakanai Sakura) is the fifth episode of the Myself; Yourself series.

Synopsis Edit

Nanaka spends increasing amounts of time practicing for the upcoming festival at the temple, where she will perform a traditional dance so the sakura will bloom that year. However, she forsakes her practice to go with Sana, Shuri and Asami to help at a retirement home. After meeting a woman traumatized by the death of her granddaughter, Nanaka mysteriously refuses to play her violin to cheer her up. Later at the festival, the group observes Nanaka perform her dance, and Sana sees her afterwards, expressing his delight at her dancing.