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The Important Melody
English The Important Melody
Kanji 大切なメロディー
Rōmaji Taisetsu na Merodī
Release October 10, 2007
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"The Important Melody" (大切なメロディーTaisetsu na Merodī) is the second episode of the Myself; Yourself series.


Sana mulls over Nanaka's reaction, and is elected the classroom representative along with Nanaka when Shusuke refused to stand for another year. Nanaka still acts coldly towards Sana, leaving him lost in the library. When he returns to the classroom with the aid of Asami Hoshino, she looks jealously at him and Asami. Later, Sana and Nanaka coincidentally go to the music room, where Nanaka, sequestered in the teacher's office, overhears Sana playing the song she played to him on her violin the day he left. Touched, she says hello to him the following morning. 

Character AppearancesEdit

In this episode, we are introduced to Asami Hoshino. After Nanaka leaves Sana lost in the library, Asami offers her help mistaking him to be a freshman. While Sana is in the music room, he starts to play the melody of the song Nanaka wrote for him when they were kids and Asami overhears and asks him about the song. 

Quotes Edit

"I lived in this town my whole life. Until five years ago, when we had to move because of circumstances at home. At my farewell party, my friend made this song as a present. It was only half-finished during the farewell party. In spite of that, it's a very important song to me. It's strange, isn't it? Despite the fact that I've only heard it once. Quite some time has passed since I stopped playing the piano and I can no longer play any other songs. It was only half-finished, but for some reason, my fingers still remember the song, and only this one."  ~Sana explaining the song to Asami

"Face that mountain and... jump!"  ~Shusuke and Suri using 'that'